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Welcome to apply for products and services of Mobile Online Play Pte Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Molplay", "Operator"). This "User Service Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is the agreement between Molplay and user on the products and services offered.

Molplay remind you to read the terms of this Agreement, please read carefully and check the acceptance or non-acceptance of this Agreement (juveniles should read in the official guardian). When you are entering Molplay user registration page, make sure you have read and agreed to this Agreement and complete the registration. And if obtain and use the products and services provided by Molplay by any other ways, you are deemed to have read the contents of this agreement.You agree to abide by this agreement made. Users should no longer refused to implement this Agreement by not understand this agreement. If users do not agree to the terms of the agreement, please do not register or use the products and services provided by Molplay.
In order to protect your rights, please register before using various products and services offered by Molplay, please read all of the following.


1)     Molplay provide products and services to the specific content of the actual situation by Molplay, such as mobile phone network games, chat rooms and e-mail etc.. Molplay reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate some or all of the products and services.

2)     Molplay may charge a fee to some users in the provision of goods and services. In this case, there will be a clear hint on the relevant page. If the user does not agree to pay such fees, you can choose not to accept appropriate products and services.

3)     Molplay provide products and services for users to access the Internet through the server device, equipment that the products and services not related (such as computers, modems and other Internet-related access device) and the cost (such as telephone charges and Internet access fees) shall be borne by the user.

4)     The user should accept the use of legitimate software products and services, software costs borne by the user.

5)     The user agrees to receive the market sales email sent by Molplay.


1)     Read and agree to the user agreement, after successful completion of the registration, Molplay become a registered user to obtain Molplay user account (hereinafter referred to as "Molplay Account"). Molplay account name can not be changed after registration, account corresponding password can be modified by the customer service of Molplay.

2)     The user ID and password for safekeeping Molplay and all acts use the account and password conducted fully responsible. Prohibit the sale, transfer lend or share the Molplay account or password. Because the negligent storage of users or any third party conduct, causing the user's account or password Molplay been used illegal, as well as any consequences, Molplay assumes no responsibility.

3)     Molplay users find their account or password illegal use by others or the use of unusual circumstances shall promptly notify Molplay Molplay has the right to suspend log in and use. Molplay check the results based on user identity, to decide whether to suspend access of the account.


1)    Provide Registration Information

(1) when applying Molplay account(or supplementary information after registration), the user should provide the latest, detailed and true and accurate personal registration information to Molplay. The aforementioned personal registration information includes: Molplay user account name, password and account registration Molplay (or in addition to update account information) etc. all the information. Users in this promise: the identity and information provided is true, complete, effective and in accordance with the law and the essential terms of the agreement, take the corresponding legal responsibility for the information provided.

(2) All registered personal information provided by the user may be used as the basis for identification relevance of Molplay. Molplay user agrees to provide the evidence of such information in order to verify the user's identity to Molplay at any time.
(3) If the user information provided to Molplay is inaccurate, false, invalid, changed without timely updates or any misleading, Molplay has the right to suspend or terminate the service for any user Molplay . Molplay has the right to review identity information provided by the user registration if it is true, effective, and should actively take reasonable measures to protect the user account; user is obliged to keep his account number and password, and correctly and safely using their account number and password. Any party entirely with these obligations result in account password lost, stolen caused damage, shall take legal liability.
2) Modify Registration Information
The user can update or modify the user application for registration of the information provided at any time through the service or Molplay official website announced available point. But (after or register supplementary information) real name, identification numbers, and Molplay account name itself (after or additional information) filled in when registered.The account registration success can not be modified. Please carefully fill in the registration information.
3) User agrees that all information related to the Molplay account, data and records (including but not limited to the login record, behavior records after login, card information, etc.) are the data of Molplay system.   


1). The registration information as described in this agreement, as well as the non-public information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "User Information") is stored in the Molplay control range when users in the use of products and services, should be disclosed and protected in accordance with this agreement.
2). In order to provide better products and services to users, in the user voluntarily choose to use Molplay products and services or the express the information providing, Molplay may collect user information and such information may be analyzed and integration. When the Molplay products and services are used, the server may automatically record the part of the user information that will be part of Molplay trade secrets.
3). Protection of users’ privacy (especially juveniles user) is a basic principle of Molplay. Molplay consistently actively take reasonable technical and management measures to make the user information security and confidential.
4). In addition to 6 cases in NO.4 of paragraph 4 in this Agreement, Molplay guarantee not open to the public, disclosed or provide the user information. Six exceptions are as follows:
(1) a user (or the user's guardian) request or consent Molplay disclosure of user information;
(2) the relevant laws, regulations or regulatory agencies SRO rules require Molplay disclosure of user information;
(3) judicial or administrative authority based on legal procedures require Molplay disclosure of user information;
(4) for the protection of intellectual property rights and other interests Molplay requires disclosure of user information;
(5) in an emergency to protect the interests of other users or the public, we need to disclose user information;
(6) The provisions of other terms in this Agreement, Molplay deems it necessary to disclose additional information of the user.
5. In order to provide products and services to users normally, Molplay may need to transfer part of the user information in its commitment to Molplay technical service providers, Molplay affiliates or other third-party. Under the premise that these third parties will bear at least the same confidentiality obligations of Molplay, Molplay will transmit user information to these third parties. Users should be understood and agreed.
6. Under the premise that not to disclose the individual users private information, Molplay entitled to the technical analysis of the entire database of user information,and the commercial use after finishing on.
7. Molplay will take reasonable way to protect the user's personal information. Molplay use generally available security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For non Molplay due to intentional and gross negligence caused the loss of user account or the user's personal information leaks, Molplay does not assume any responsibility.
1). The user can use the Molplay products and services according to this Agreement and other rules changes published from time to time.
2). The user can voluntarily choose to obtain Molplay games special offers provided and so on for the first time through cellphone binding.
3). The user have the right to supervise Molplay and the staff if it is in accordance with Molplay published standard during the use of Molplay products and services and provide opinions and suggestions at any time to Molplay .
4). If the user does not agree to the terms of this Agreement, object or not satisfied wtih Molplay later modified, updated terms of the products and services, the user can always choose to stop using Molplay products and services. If the user chooses to stop using Molplay products and services, Molplay no longer take any obligation or responsibility to users.


1). The user agrees to regulate the own behavior according to all kinds of rules, including this Agreement and other rules Molplay changes published from time to time. User has rights and responsibilities according to the law after logging in the account. User further agrees that, in violation of the 14th/15th of paragraph 6, paragraph 14 and other related provisions of this Agreement, will bear the consequences of the violation and breach of contract in accordance with this Agreement.
2). The user is subject to the release of Internet Information relevant laws, regulations and generally applicable Internet etiquette and general moral norms during the account using Molplay period, the user will be liable for the content of the information published by users on their own. Various types of information users can not publish include the following:
(1) contrary to the basic principles of the Constitution of the determined;
(2) jeopardize national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity;
(3) harm national honor and interests;
(4) incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;
(5) violate the state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;
(6) spread rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability;
(7) dissemination of obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or abetting crime information;
(8) insult, slander or malicious attack others with words, against the legitimate rights of others;
(9) infringe any third party intellectual property rights, copyright or public / private rights;
(10) Humanities violate ethics, customs and practices;
(11) the destruction of the normal order of the game;
(12) containing the prohibited content of the laws and administrative regulations.
3). Molplay user account name and characters in the game, gangs and other names should comply with legal and health principles, are not allowed including but not limited to race, religion, politics, national leaders, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, threatening, fraudulent, offensive, abusive, which may cause misunderstanding, illicit drugs, etc..
4). The user should be responsible for the own words and actions in the game, in particular shall not:
(1) by any means, distribute or disseminate indecent acts, indecent information;
(2) by any means, act the platform or gaming systems to distribute or disseminate false information to other users;
(3) in dispute by any means or process;
(4) by any means, distributed or transmitted Trojans, plug-in, viruses and such information;
(5) by any means, distribute or disseminate the Leveling information;
(6) by any means, or propagation behavior to carry on game account, virtual currency, virtual props line transactions in addition to the transaction Molplay provided;
(7) spreading the same, similar phrases, meaningless words or any information not relavent to Molplay game or platform;
(8) preached or instigated any virtual violence outside game world;
(9) disclose game world and the real world information of other users, non-users or any employee of Molplay platform;
(10) advertise or publish illegal information, information in violation of public morality, or not conducive to spiritual civilization construction information, including but not limited to the contents of pornography, gambling, cults, terrorism;
(11) does not comply with other laws and regulations, social morality or rules of the game of words or acts.
5). Users shall not interfere or obstruct Molplay provide products and services normally, in particular must not:
(1) attack, invade Molplay web server or make the website server overloaded;
(2) cracks, modify the client program Molplay provided;
(3) attack, invade Molplay game server or game server-side programs or overload the game server;
(4) unreasonably interfere or impede with others from using the products and services provided by Molplay;
(5) the use of program bugs and errors to disrupt the normal progress of the game or the spread of the bugs and errors;
(6) the direct or indirect use of the game Bug (including the presence of gaming systems, procedures and other aspects of vulnerability or set unreasonable phenomenon), bugs profit or disrupt the order of the game or the Bug, the vulnerability to achieve personal goals;
(7) the production, use, publish, transmit any form of prejudice the fairness of the game aids or program (refer to gain an advantage in the game, but do not belong to each game software platforms or any document or part of the Molplay program), including related auxiliary plug and plug the nature of cheating and other properties (including but not limited to automatic Daguai, automatic leveling, automatic medication, automate tasks, accelerate the nature or scope of operations beyond the setting of the game);
(8) not modify the client program, make changes, add or reduce Molplay platform preset function, or lead to the data sent by the client to the server abnormally.
6). Users may not disturb the order of the game, especially not:
(1) a long stay in a particular place or sensitive areas (including, but not limited to, event registration people, "Immigration messenger", conveying people, Teleport, etc.), games interfere with other users;
(2) malicious PK, clearance, extortion, blackmail and other acts;
(3) threatened to carry out or incite other users or non-users to participate in the normal behavior of the game content (including but not limited to processions, rioted  etc.);
(4) In a similar nickname character impersonation friends, posing NPC or official role in the game to fraud inside and outside the game. 
7). The user can interact with the game administrator (hereinafter referred to as "GM") to communicate, but communication with GM shall make the following acts:
(1) impersonate system or GM;
(2) to deceive or attempt to deceive GM, including but not limited to mislead GM, refuse to provide information, providing false information or any attempt to defraud GM;
(3) violation or neglect GM’s tips. In the game, in order to ensure the common interests of the majority of users, to maintain the normal order of the game, GM may prompt the user to perform certain operations or cease to perform certain actions, the user should not ignore or obstruct the progress of this work;
(4) interference GM work. Interference GM work include, but are not limited to: request any game virtual items (including, but not limited to virtual currency, game items etc.), call GM frequently or send a request without substantive content, repeatedly sending GM has answered or problem solving help request;
(5) abusing, threatening or malicious attacking GM.
8). Users must protect the account and password, because the user's account and password leak causes and consequences are borne by the user.
9). The user can only use the personal identity to use the products and services Molplay provided, the user can not use the products and services for the commercial activities, sale or other commercial purposes offered by Molplay.
10). Except with the written permission of Molplay Otherwise, the user may not use any of the products and services Molplay or any contents for commercial gain, including but not limited to act as game props trading intermediary agency to charge or sell games props.
11). Users may not use the products and services provided by Molplay engaged in the following activities:
(1) enter the computer information network or use the computer information network resources without permission;
(2) delete, modify or increase the computer information network functions without permission;
(3) enter the computer information network to delete, modify or increase the storage, processing, transmission of data or applications without permission,;
(4) intentionally producing and disseminating computer viruses and other destructive programs;
(5) other hazards computer information network security.
12). The user agrees to the game program monitoring data for judging whether the user has made the game of cheating methods such as through the use of plug-in basis.
13). If Molplay find abnormal data or user behavior, can observe and record the behavior of the user, for determining whether a user carried out in violation of this Agreement.
14). If the user is in violation of the rules, Molplay is entitled to the user one or several consequences of the violation depending on the gravity of the conduct, the consequences are below:
(1) warning: warning is a gaming policy for minor violations made in education-oriented, it is a normal way to manage the running game.
(2) gag: Close offending part or all of the user's chat channel, forced to suspend offending user role online conversation function, so that the role can not chat with other users until the expiration or cancellation of the penalties.
(3) forced offline: to force the offending user to leave the current game, the end of the execution of the game program of the current user.
(4) ban the account: suspend or permanently terminate the offending user account logon rights of a Molplay game.
(5) delete the file: delete the character files of the offending user in the game world.
(6) delete the account: the permanent termination of the rights of login Molplay platforms through the offending user account , including but not limited to, user registration information, character information, rating articles, games and other game currency in the database, all the data will be permanently banned.
(7) take back the virtual game items: the offending user due to fraud or other irregularities acquired game virtual items, including but not limited to game virtual currency, virtual goods will be take back.
(8) modify the name: mandatory changes bbs nickname, the name of the game characters or gang of the offending user.
(9) the dissolution of the organization: the dissolution of the offending user established gangs, associations and other organizations.
(10) flip value: deducted the character value of the game, including but not limited to game characters, money, experience.
(11) ban the IP: temporary or permanent ban offending users log in to a server of a game in a certain abnormal IP.
(12) liable for: damage to Molplay or others or inconsistent with current law , the offending user should bear corresponding civil, administrative and / or criminal liability according to law, for example, the right holder infringe on the claim for the intellectual property rights or other rights of the third party during the game, the liability should be taken directly by the user.
15). If the user is in violation of this section, Molplay has the right to require the offending user to take the liabilities for breach of contract, including but not limited to restitution, eliminating the effects of direct and indirect losses or additional costs caused to Molplay compensation, and the administrative punishment or tort liability for damages caused by illegal user bear by the Molplay first, the recovery will be required from Molplay to the offending user.
1). Game Administrator
(1) The game administrator GM (Game Manager), refers to the Molplay staff who is on maintenance and management of the virtual world order of online games.
(2) GM will not interfere with the normal order of the game, not ask for the user's personal information and password in any way, is not responsible for resolving private disputes between users or answer the Raiders game, know-how and other issues.
(3) The user should respect in the game, understand and work with GM, any comments and complaints should be reported via a dedicated mail to the customer service center.
2). The game information transfer. Molplay entitled to provide health products and services, arrangements for split or merge game servers. In the absence of a significant impact on the game user rights, Molplay has the right to have the user information character in the game, the role of archives transferred to another game server.
1. The charging information of the products and services of the Molplay, as well as the relevant standard tariff, charging methods, purchasing and other information about the tariff policy, are on clarification on Molplay relevant platform or gaming site.
2. Molplay has the right to determine the standard tariff and billing of the products and services, there may be different standard tariff and billing or determine the different stages of the standard tariff and billing. In addition, Molplay may modify Molplay tariff policy from time to time. The charge information about products and services and the products and services related to the standard tariff, charging methods, purchasing or other information about the tariff policy will be placed in a prominent place on the page.
3. For Molplay charge products and services, the user should buy in accordance with the tariff policy Molplay determined. If the user fails to purchase products and services by the Molplay tariff policy, Molplay can stop to provide the products and services to users immediately.
4. Unless provided by law, the user may not require to return any fees has paid to Molplay (hereinafter referred to as "refunds"), regardless of whether those charges have been consumed. Molplay has the right to decide whether, when and in what manner for the refund. If Molplay agrees to refund, the user should pay the compensation of the cost of using credit cards, mobile phones and other payment channels, and Molplay is entitled to deduct it in the refund. For a violation of this Agreement by the user, Molplay is not entitled to a refund. The donated recharge amount, virtual currency, virtual items and other products and services, are non-refundable or realization.
1. Molplay products and services (including, but not limited to, gaming platforms, gaming, forum) in a variety of virtual goods is not limited to gold, silver, props, equipment, etc., which is owned by Molplay. Users only have the right to use virtual items in line with the case law and the rules of the game. Once users purchase the right to use virtual items, it will be deemed to have entered the process of consumption, not for a refund of the virtual props for any reason.
2. In addition to massive server disconnection, the individual character deletion or correction, loss of virtual goods or money due to the local network problems or the personal reasons and other operational problems, Molplay is out of any liability to the user.
3. In view of the complexity of online transactions, Molplay prevent users from trading non-online and related behavior. Molplay is against use trading non-online transactions and related behavior (including, but not limited to, participation in non-online transactions, the assistance of traders operating non-online game virtual items and transfer the virtual goods of the game), and does not protect the result of the non-online transactions, any problems or disputes of the non-online transactions, including but not limited to fraud by false trading information or money game virtual items, Molplay are independent of the user's responsibility, not responsible for the compensation or the recovery of losses caused by deception.
4. Molplay does not agree with the non-online transactions, the virtual items transactions through non-online will be identified as the source does not comply with rules of the game. Molplay is entitled under NO.6 of this Agreement to take appropriate measures to the related virtual items, game character and the Molplay account.
1. Molplay will endeavor to continue to provide users with products and services, but does not exclude the possibility of the stop of providing any goods and services, does not rule out any changes possibility to the game service mode service, other network services or service content.
2. To increase and enrich the content of Molplay games and other network services, the games and game platforms may update and adjust the functions from time to time at runtime. After the game and gaming platform updates, all the games and the operations, content, settings of the game platform, will prevail according to the announcements,.
3. If Molplay discontinue a particular product and service or change the mode or content of a particular product and service, Molplay will notify the user and try to find the appropriate service provider to replace Molplay continue to provide products and services.
4. In the case of paragraph 3 above, Molplay may transferyour personal information (including information about the account and password and personal data) to the party which continue to provide services, or it may be the permanent storage of the original Resources for implementation of the new game modes. User hereby agrees Molplay’s right to do so and provide transfer and agreed after the completion of the transfer, Molplay will no longer be any obligation or responsibility to users of the original data. However, Molplay does not guarantee either to be able to find the appropriate service providers or services in lieu of Molplay way to continue to provide products and services, or the service provider of products and services found by Molplay or the way changes of the game can satisfy the user's requirements.

1). Molplay has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of gaming services and other network services under this Agreement to users for the inconvenience and loss resulting any responsibility in any of the following circumstances,:
(1) provide false personal information;
(2) User's violation of this Agreement.
2). In the following cases, Molplay has the right to cancel the user to create roles and delete all records of the role:
(1) The registration game character of the user does not meet certain requirements of the game, and the game is available under the zero-point or game time, did not pass the logged role of the game in the roles associated with the game partition in a certain continuous period of time;
(2) delete the role by the user and not recover within a certain period of time since the delete date;
(3) in the first month of account registered or six consecutive months, have not used this account (including the use of this account log in the game, visit the website or recharge).
3). Regard to the role cancellation of the specific conditions of the different products and services offered by Molplay, please refer to rules of the individual products and services or the rules of the official website of related products and services.
4). In order to ensure the normal operation of games, gaming platforms sites and servers, Molplay require regular or irregular games and gaming platforms sites and servers down for maintenance, or emergency shutdown for maintenance emergencies. Normal service due to the above circumstances caused by the interruption, suspension, the user shall understand and agree that, Molplay has an obligation to try to avoid service interruption and the interruption time limit in the shortest time.
5). One of the following situations occurs, Molplay is entitled without advance notice, terminate or discontinue all or part of the services provided by the game server, inconvenience or loss thus generated, Molplay user or the third party shall not assume any responsibility for:
(1) periodic inspection or construction, updating software and hardware;
(2) server suffered damage, it is not working;
(3) sudden hardware and software equipment and electronic communication equipment failure;
(4) network providers or other fault line;
(5) In emergency situations in accordance with provisions of the law or the personal safety of users and third parties;
(6) a third party or other reasons of force majeure circumstances.
6). Regardless of products and services for any reason to terminate, the user should take appropriate measures to deal with the own games and virtual goods game platform. Users shall not require the liability for any form of compensation or compensation other than the virtual currency of the game that has been purchased but not yet used by the user, including but not limited to, compensation due to no longer continue to use the game account, in-game virtual items and etc..
1. For Molplay products and services, Molplay is only for the limited warranty in this section, it replace any documentation, packaging or other information of any other express or implied warranties (if any).
2. Molplay only provide related products, software or program and the support services with the "existing condition and all wrong contained" form, and only guarantee:
(1) products and services offered by Molplay can basically meet the requirements Molplay officially announced;
(2) related products and services provided by the service commitment Molplay are substantially accord with Molplay formal announcement;
(3) try to resolve any problems in the provision of products and services in the course of a reasonable and allowed commercial range only.
3. To the maximum permitted by applicable law, Molplay does not either express or imply any other type of guarantee of the products and services provided, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, suitability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, virus-free and error-free to any implied warranties and liability.
4. To the maximum permitted by applicable law, Molplay does not warrant the products and services offered must be able to meet the user's requirements, or will not be interrupted, and no warranty of products and services in a timely manner , security and undisturbed, error occurred or information can be accurate, timely and smooth delivery.
5. Users understand and agree that: whether trust or use any information obtained through Molplay products and services, depends entirely on the own, the user take the systems bring damage, data loss and any other risks. Any products shopping service, transaction process, recruitment information the Molplay products and services mentioned, especially information issued by third parties, are not guaranteed. 
6. If there is a system failure, security vulnerability, bugs, procedural errors or other issues, Molplay has the right to restore the game data to a certain date to maintain the balance of the game. The user shall not seek compensation or compensation.
7. Within the maximum permitted by applicable law, Molplay is not liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, personal injury, privacy leaks, failing fulfill any responsibility included the good faith or reasonable care, negligence and damages due to the loss of any other pecuniary or other loss caused by) resulting from the use of Molplay products and services, the damage may come from: improper use the products and services, online purchase of products or similar services, online transactions, illegal use of services or send information subject to change by the user.
8. Molplay is not liable for the fault of inside and outside the basic telecom operators of fixed and mobile communication network covered under this Agreement, all kinds of technical defects, coverage restrictions, force majeure, computer viruses, hacker attacks, user location, user off, the partners factors or the service of others within the intentional or negligent act or other non Molplay technical capabilities of disruption, the content data or short message sent by the user is lost, garbled, received erroneously, can not receive, delay in receiving, etc..
9. Because of the consequences of any personal mistakes, errors or improper operation caused by the user, it is on their own responsibility, Molplay is not for any compensation or compensation.
1. The game software (including client software and non-client software), other software, information, data and works, copyright, patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights provided by Molplay products and services, are owned by Molplay or the respective rights holders. Except with the prior written Molplay legally authorized or the law expressly provides, no person will be allowed in any form to use, copy, distribute, counterfeit, imitate, modify, adapt, translate, compile, publish, decompile or disassemble trans to the project, otherwise, Molplay has the right to immediately terminate to provide the products and services to users and shall be prosecuted for their intellectual property infringement, it requires the user to compensate for all the losses of Molplay.
2. Any data information of the user stored in Molplay server (including but not limited to account data, character data or item data level information, but the user's name, ID number, and telephone numbers and other personally identifiable data) is a part of the game or platform owned and managed by the Molplay, users have the right for the modify, transfer or management of the own account information by the specified way of the Molplay.

3. In order to ensure accuracy and avoid disputes, users agree to Molplay server data stored as a standard in this agreement for the technical aspects of the data, information related. Molplay ensure the authenticity of the data.


If the user violates a breach of this agreement or the applicable laws and regulations, resulting subsidiaries, other affiliates, affiliated institutions and their staff members, employees, agents and all other related performance of auxiliary personnel and therefore subject to damage or expenses of any derived charges (including but not limited to pay the legal body shall be on the user's default or delinquency of all defense claims or litigation and settlement of legal fees), users should bear the responsibility of compensation fees and payment of damages.


Users should comply with the provisions of this Agreement and the relevant laws and regulations,.Molplay has the right to judge whether the user is in breach of this agreement. If the user is identified in the violation of this agreement or any laws and regulations, Molplay has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the user's account and delete all the relevant information of user accounts, files and any records as well as constraints, stop or cancel the qualification of the user's without prior notice.


1). In order to provide the timely manner, the better products and services, Molplay reserves the right to modify, add, and delete the terms of this agreement at any time due to Molplay, the users and the market situation is constantly changing. There will be the official announcement of the changes, add, delete and without the user individual notice. If the user does not agree to modify, add, delete, can immediately stop using the service. If you continue to use the service, will be regarded as users agree to and accept this agreement, add, delete the contents, and shall not thus require any compensation or compensation.

2). Without Molplay prior written consent, the user may not transfer the rights or obligations of the Molplay under this agreement. Molplay has the right to make the user take obligation through a subsidiary of or any other affiliated companies under this agreement.

3). Molplay reserves the right to final interpretation of the terms, products and services provided by the official website of the official website of the products and services provided by Molplay.


1). Others commercial advertising or other promotional activities of advertising may be involved in the Molplay products and services. The corresponding responsibility of these contents is taken by the advertisers or commodity or service providers. Molplay only provides content has been published in the media. Users buy the commodity or service through Molplay or Molplay linked station, the transactions are only between the user and the commodity or service provider, has nothing to do with the Molplay, Molplay does not take any legal responsibility due to the transactions are between the user and the products or service provider.

2). Users may link to the third party site in the process of using Molplay products and services. The third party site is not controlled by Molplay and Molplay is not responsible for any content of the site, any links to third party contained in the site, any change or update of third party sites. Molplay is only in order to provide the convenience to provide users with the site links to the third party, Molplay provides these links does not imply Molplay’s endorsement of the third party sites, does not mean that Molplay guarantee its authenticity, integrity, timeliness and reliability. These individuals, companies or organizations with Molplay are not any hiring, appointment, agency, partnership or other similar relationship. Users need to check and comply with the relevant provisions of the third party site.

3). The user understands and agrees that Molplay sends a product, service or other relevant business information to the user via email, text message or other ways.


1). The conclusion, validity, interpretation, performance and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Singapore. If any content of this agreement is inconsistent with the law, it shall be subject to legal provisions.

2). Any provision of this agreement, in part or in full, does not affect the validity of other provisions.

3). The disputes caused by this agreement, should be friendly consultations solved by the user and the Molplay. If no agreement is reached through consultation, any party shall have the right to take it to the court proceedings where signed this agreement.

4). This agreement is on the force when the user complete Molplay account registration. Even if the user does not complete Molplay account registration but in any other way to use the products and services of Molplay . This Agreement is deemed to be signed and on the force as the user access or use the products and services.