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【Notice】Iron Storm officially launch notice

Dear friends,

Iron Storm is a amazing multiplayer 3D Online Tank Battles game with an added arsenal of powerful weapons at your disposal. Players from all over the world play together in this free-for-all conflicts.

Iron Storm is now officially launch 4th, Nov. Are you ready to become lendgary?

To celebrate the grand opening of Iron Storm, we’ve prepared many attractive events and fantastic rewards for all of you !

Event 1: First recharge reward!


All players recharge for the first time ,you can receive additional golds !More golds you recharge , more reward you can receive! 

Event 2: Finding bugs


If you find a bug in our game, please contact us via email or facebook private message ! Players who find the bugs at first will receive great reward! Rewards depends on severity of bugs.

Event 3: Rating 5 star


If you rate 5 star on App Store or Google Play, contact us and provide a screenshot of you comment,Players can receive 100 golds as reward.


You can download Iron Storm on App Store or Google Play now!Enjoy yourself!

App Store:

Google Play :


If you have any question of our game,please feel free to contact us.

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Ofiicial Website:

Iron Storm Team